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At Treloy Touring Park we are committed to being as sustainable as possible. Treloy Touring Park has been run by the Paull family for over 40 years. We have worked hard to continually improve the facilities and surroundings for our visitors.

Positioned in reputedly the sunniest part of the UK, we are ideally situated to produce solar power. We have our own 250 kilowatt solar farm which ensures that we are predominantly self-sufficient and on an annualised production basis we are net exporters to the National Grid.

Our own abundant fresh supply of water on the park is of a very high quality, and does not need any chemicals such as chlorine added to it, it is simply UV treated.

The swimming pool was renovated in 2023 and is primarily heated by a very efficient air-to-water heat exchanger, usually achieving between 3 and 7 kilowatts energy into the pool for every kilowatt into the exchanger, and is backed up currently by an oil boiler to maintain a constant 80+ degrees Fahrenheit (26°C) water temperature. The boiler is only needed if the air temperature is low.

Our hot water for showers and hand basins is supplied by several very efficient Rinnai gas boilers. Press taps are used wherever possible to reduce wasted water.

We recycle and reduce waste wherever possible. We encourage the use of recycling bins for glass, cardboard, paper, cans and plastic. The main contractor for general waste aims for 100% recovery from waste.

Wherever possible lighting has been or is being altered, to LED, providing a low energy but attractive illumination. The reception, shop and family bathrooms all have Velux windows to allow plenty of natural light and reduce lighting required.

rabbit-treloy-touringAround the Park we are planting native shrubs and trees. A few areas are left a little more natural to encourage wildlife and to provide the park with a sheltered feeling; we aim to keep the plants tidy but not over-manicured, which means that creatures and insects can thrive. The planting has encouraged considerable wildlife including woodpeckers, goldfinches and jays. Deer are occasionally seen in our low season on the Park. We have a nature trail to encourage younger visitors to explore their natural surroundings.

We use local tradesmen and suppliers wherever possible.  Recent purchases of playground equipment have been from the local manufacturer ‘Outdoor Play People’.

Amongst others the shop and bar are supplied by St. Austell Brewery, Callestick Farm (superb ice cream), Trewithen Dairy, Cornish Orchards cider, and locally made pasties of course!

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